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The mathematical definition of r squared is "the coefficient of determination" which describes how closely the results solve the problem. Similarly, R2, LLC evaluates your sales or workforce strategy to provide results that most closely solve your problem at hand.


Sales Training

Without a strong sales strategy and a means to carry it out, there are no products to manufacture, no services to render, no way for a company to stay in business. The Sales Training taught by R Squared Strategies transcends a product or industry and focuses on the sales process itself and the strategy to succeed. Sales professionals at all levels complete the program refreshed and energized with new techniques that can be immediately applied.


Having the right talent in the right positions is crucial. Whether you need to realign, retrain, or replace - R Squared Strategies will show you exactly how to save time and talent.

Recruiting Services

Locating the right talent for your organization is often outside the capacity or capability of a company. R Squared Strategies specializes in Direct Placement searches, RFP coordination and supplier selection. Rene and her team will make sure your company gets the perfect talent for your positions.

Rene Ray, Founder & CEO

What is the single most important factor in the success or failure of any business? Sales. What is the second? Workforce. After a successful career in corporate human resources reviewing thousands of resumes as well as hiring and training hundreds of employees, Rene is helping businesses of all sizes solve their sales, workforce and recruiting problems.
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